Alesis MultiMix USB FXi Review

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If you are looking for a portable and convenient mixer that comes with all the bells and whistles you need to get the quality sound you are looking for, this is it. Alesis, the maker of this product, is known for pushing boundaries and offering great value for the money you spend. In addition, they design their products with the help of musicians to ensure they perfectly meet the user’s needs.

In this article, we dive into one of their products, the Alesis Multimix 4. We will review the features, what it comes with, the pros and cons, and so much more. So, if you are interested in getting this mixer, read on and see if it’s a perfect match for you.

Alesis MultiMix USB

The Multimix 4 FX features powerful effects and capabilities, making it a great tool to improve your home or even professional studio. Additionally, it has a great build and some built-in effects. It will be a go-to for most people because it is also relatively affordable.

The standard functionality and the addition of specs from its predecessor make it a convenient and reasonable option. You don’t have to worry about longevity or stability as what you are getting will serve you a long time.

Who Is This Product For?

Anyone looking for an affordable mixer that can handle most of the tasks you throw at it will benefit from the Alesis Multimix 4. People who own home studios that make music, whether for fun or professionally, will find using this piece of equipment convenient and efficient.

Some professional studios can also add it to their collection as the quality of work it yields is excellent. There is a lot of functionality to take advantage of, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Multimix 4 USB, you also get an adapter, a USB cable, a warranty information pamphlet, a quick-start guide, and safety instructions.

Overview of Features

This mixer will connect with your studio equipment as it features two XLR inputs with a low-cut button for channel one, and each channel has gain control. There is also a guitar indicator that allows you to lower impedance.

The USB recording interface is a must-mention convenient feature. It is class-compliant, meaning you can plug it into your PC or Mac without needing software drivers. You also get a digital-direct stereo connection using any audio software application.

Users of this mixer will also enjoy high-quality built-in effects that will undoubtedly finesse your work if used well. These effects include phasers, delays, reverbs, and so much more. You can add depth to live sound if you are going for lush mixes courtesy of the effects processor. This means that you can beef up dry recordings with extra ambiance.

The MPC beats are convenient and will get you on your way if you are starting. You can enjoy the best parts of the MPC workflow and all the tools necessary for quality work. Editing samples and mixing tracks, among other things, is easy to do, and so is looking for and finding sound on the synth engine courtesy of the remarkable MPCs.

The main inputs can be found on the right and left. It also has a headphone output, an external audio source, an extension, and an 8” TRS for your audio source. There are also two EQs, high and low, thus two ban EQs.

The Multimix 4 USB mixer comes with effect saturation on every channel. The effects on this mixer are pretty impressive and you can control them with a simple knob. Some of these effects are chorus, plate, flange, delay, halls, and rotary.

There are also LED indicators that include power and a phantom power indicator.

How to Use It

Using the Multimix 4 USB is pretty simple, as all the features and buttons are displayed. In addition, there is also a well-detailed manual with equipment that features labeled diagrams and illustrations that you cannot miss. You will have to do an audio setup, which is well-explained in the manual. It is easy to follow through and relatively simple whether you are using Windows 7, 8, VISTA, XP, or MAC OS X.

The mic input on the top panel feature allows you to connect your mics using an XLR cable. A line input connects line-level devices; the gain helps adjust the channel audio level.

The rear panel features a USB port, a power switch, a power-in button, and phantom power switches. When switched on, the phantom power will supply +48V to XLR mic inputs.

Before making any connections, make sure you check your microphone. For example, if you are using dynamic microphones, there are high chances you don’t need phantom power. On the other hand, if you use condenser microphones, you might need phantom power.

The power switch turns the Multimix on and off. Ensure you connect all the input devices first before turning on the powered speakers. Likewise, when turning off, turn off the powered speakers or amplifiers first before turning off the mixer.

You also get a USB cable to connect to your computer, and you can use any other USB cable just as long as it is USB 1.1 or higher.

Finally, the power in port is where you plug in the power adapter; ensure you do this with the switch off.


  • Portable
  • You can connect all your studio equipment
  • Conveniently comes with built-in effects
  • Yields high-quality and reliable audio
  • Complete USB recording audio interface
  • Relatively more functionality than other mixers


  • The mixer supports 16-bit audio only


61m8 2lapsL. SL500

If you don’t go for this mixer, there are similar competitors in the same price range. These include the Mackie 402VLZ4 and the Phenyx Pro Sound Mixer. The Mackie 402VLZ4 features a high-headroom signature and the RF rejections are great, especially during broadcast applications. For durability and a sturdy metal build, the Phenyx Pro Sound Mixer also offers high-quality sound and allows for versatile use. It also has a 12-month warranty if you run into any issues.


If you are just looking for a simple and affordable mixer that will offer you professional results, we recommend the MultiMix 4. The additional features you will get on this mixer compared to its counterparts are exceptional. It is also durable and stable, thus perfect if you want to invest long-term. The high functionality will help you achieve something close to perfection.

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