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Crisp, clear sound quality is one of the most underrated experiences. It calms, excites, and allows you to immerse yourself into a new audio experience like you’ve never known before. That’s why as a music producer you cannot afford to compromise when investing in a studio monitor.

Getting the right speakers makes the difference between creating an immersive audio experience and a terribly screechy or lacking sound performance. If you are looking for top-rated studio monitors, here are five of the best powered studio monitors that will have you making mixes that rock to the beats and sing to the tunes. Let’s take a look.

Comparison Chart

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KRK RP8 Rokit 8 G4 Professional Bi-Amp 8″ Powered Studio Monitor Pair, Black
31vqDiZMi+L. SL500
Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitor Speakers
415wPRosSOL. SL500
Rockville APM5W 5.25″ 2-Way 250W Active/Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers Pair, White, 5 inch
312Atq5WJAL. SL500
Behringer Nekkst K8 8 Inches Powered Studio Monitor
41JZM8PNE3L. SL500
Prosonic BT30 Active Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers, Studio Monitor, Home Theater, Turntable with Optical Input, Coaxial Input, 2X RCA Aux Line Input, 60 Watts, (White)

Best Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

KRK RP8 Studio Monitor Speakers

41G jbisKAL. SL500

KRK has established itself as the go-to for professionals who are looking for accurate, solid engineering that brings innovation to studio monitors. Their speakers have been used to create high-quality mixes that are crisp, clear, and authentic. 


If you are looking for a pair of speakers that will complement your DAW while giving you a rich and full audio experience, the KRK RP8 studio monitors are the ideal choice. These speakers are designed and engineered in the United States and they come with a highly durable tweeter made of Kevlar. 

The KRK two-way studio monitor comes equipped with an LCD screen that lets you visualize EQ settings. Moreover, it has a class D power amplifier for boosted efficiency. Sound delivery is vastly improved due to the Kevlar material. Kevlar minimizes listening fatigue and preserves sonic integrity across all sound frequencies. 

You can connect these speakers to the KRK app and control the tuning using a Graphic Equalizer. The app is available for Android phones and iPhones. This allows faster mixing and adjustments so that your audio matches your acoustic environment. Additionally, the Active Room Tuning feature of the app lets you calibrate the equalizer settings and assess the best speaker position placement using the Room Acoustic Analyzer. 

The Class D power amplifier significantly improves audio integrity and also uses less energy. 

You will love the wider dynamics that come with the inbuilt brick wall limiter. In addition to dynamics, this limiter acts as a regulator and protects your system while ensuring the audio output is balanced perfectly. 

The speakers come with dense iso-foam padding that reduces vibration transmission for improved clarity. Additionally, if you want a studio monitor with high colorization and minimal distortion then you will benefit from the low resonance encasing that comes with these speakers. 


  • High-quality studio monitor
  • App lets you control speakers easily
  • Minimal sound distortion
  • Balanced audio output


  • Needs audio interface to connect to computer
  • Hiss sound when speakers are idle

Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Speakers

31vqDiZMi+L. SL500

Edifier is a company that makes high-quality home entertainment systems, headphones, speakers, and music systems. One of its latest inventions is the Edifier MR4 Powered studio monitor speakers that upgrade your listening experience. Thanks to its many features, this product will continually impress. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic product. 


These monitor speakers come with 1″ silk dome tweeters that produce crisp and detailed sounds that add dynamic range to the sound system. Without them, your music will sound bland or undetailed. 

In addition, its 4″ composite woofers work along the tweeters to ensure the final sound output is crystal clear and smooth. 

The monitor’s flexible cables provide you with comfort. Whether you want to connect the system to mixers, a tablet, or a computer, this machine does not lack adequate connectivity. This is thanks to the TRS input, headphone output, and AUX input. 

The Edifier’s monitor speakers have a dual-mode design. This thoughtful feature lets you switch between two modes: music listening and production. This feature allows you to easily change if you want to chill and listen to music or begin your music production. 

Every customer desires a device that is easy to control. This is true for this machine. Thanks to its two adjustable knobs, you can independently switch from high to low frequency. Moreover, the front-panel knob lets you set the different sound modes and desired volume. 

This device has four 4-inch low-frequency woofers, which deliver powerful bass without degrading the overall sound. In addition, the diaphragm helps to keep the sound production as authentic as possible while extending the bass depth. This makes it appropriate for bass enthusiasts.

It might not be very enjoyable when the machine’s body distorts the original sound emanating from your monitor speakers. These speakers’ MDF hardwood enclosures help them to prevent acoustic resonance, preserving the natural tone of your music.

This product is, however, not free from flaws. Some customers complain that the speakers’ wires are made of low-quality material. This makes it easy for the cables to become torn. In addition, static noise comes from the wires whenever they come in contact. This noise on the tweeters won’t go away even after covering the cables with a staticproof loop. 


  • Flexible cables for more accessible connections
  • Dual mode design for music listening and production
  • Low-frequency woofers that deliver powerful bass
  • Tweeters for crystal clear sounds


  • Low-quality speaker wires
  • Static noise from tweeters

Rockville APM5W Studio Monitor Speakers

415wPRosSOL. SL500

Rockville is a renowned company when it comes to making high-quality sound systems. The company focuses on providing its customers with first-rated audio systems for people’s cars and studios. One of the company’s outstanding products is the Rockville APM5W Studio Monitor Speakers. Here is a review of this studio equipment. 


The design of these studio speakers ensures high-quality sound output. Thanks to its 0.5” enclosure and 1″ front board thickness, the machine can withstand high volumes without reducing the sound quality. 

Moreover, the Rockville brand has invested in testing these speakers to ensure they are the best on the market. This is according to the company’s “6Sigma” style quality that each of its speakers has to achieve. 

These monitor speakers also come with a full-range amplifier which ensures that you can increase the volume of the music you’re playing or recording without reducing the sound output. 

Although these speakers have cables for output and input, which can come in contact, the cables have a noise rejection feature. This feature ensures that the static build-up between the wires does not result in noise which can be irritating. 

If you want to transfer data from your computer, for instance, music, the speakers come with a high-speed USB jack. The high-speed USB jack ensures you can transfer data in just a few minutes. 

Controls are essential to every machine and are also included in these speakers. For example, the device has treble and volume controls, letting you adjust each frequency independently. 

Other than the controls, the speakers have a headphone output. So if you want to listen closely to your music production and make necessary adjustments, the 3.5mm headphone output will suit your needs. 

Even though this product has lots of unique features, it is not free from flaws. First, the company advertises that the speakers come in a cherry red finish, but many customers receive speakers that look far from cherry. 

On top of that, if you want a long-lasting studio monitor, this product is not meant for you as it may not last more than three years. Past the mentioned time, you might begin hearing some static noises. 


  • High-quality sound output
  • Tried and tested product
  • High-speed USB jack for faster data transfer
  • Easier user controls


  • Misleading information about the product finish
  • Short lifespan

Behringer Nekkst K8 Studio Monitor Speakers

312Atq5WJAL. SL500

Although Behringer products are inexpensive, their products rival big names like JBL. This is because the company spends less on research and more on producing economical yet similar products inspired by their competitors. One good example of such a product is the Behringer Nekkst K8 Studio Monitor. Let’s dive in and examine some of these speakers’ unique features. 


These speakers by Behringer have 1″ silk high-frequency drivers, which are dome-shaped. The HF drivers can achieve very high-power sounds through the speakers. In addition, its dome shape prevents the beaming tendency experienced when listening at high frequencies. Therefore, these dome-shaped speakers provide a wider dispersion angle for sound output. 

Another fantastic feature of this studio monitor is its compatibility with many studio devices. Whether M-Audio or JBL devices, these Behringer studio monitors can be great reference monitors. On top of that, the speakers can produce high-quality sound even when connected to an old piano player. 

This 8′ Bi-Amped monitor is two-way powered. The good thing with two-way powered monitors is that they have a more prominent speaker for the woofer and a smaller speaker for the higher frequencies. The advantage of this is that your monitor can produce a flat frequency response that does not interfere with the audio signal.

If you’re working within a budget, the RCA connectivity of the speakers is still able to transmit video signals and good audio output. This is the same with a studio monitor that supports an HDMI cable. So, you will not be missing anything when using RCA connectivity. 

The bi-amped system in this studio monitor offers better dynamics and greater fidelity. In addition, through its bi-amplified monitor, the speaker can produce high-quality sounds. 


  • High-frequency drivers
  • Compatible with many studio devices
  • Speakers can produce a flat frequency response
  • RCA connectivity that can transmit video and audio signals


  • Doesn’t adapt well to equalizer graph changes

Prosonic BT30 Studio Monitor Speakers

41JZM8PNE3L. SL500

In the modern world, music and other forms of spoken word are used to pass down information or communicate a certain message. The Prosonic BT30 sound diversity has become an element of connection between people around music. This high-quality studio monitor delivers quality audio soundwaves from Bluetooth devices, PCs, tablets, TVs, and smartphones. Here is a review of the Prosonic BT30 studio monitor features elaborating why it is worth investing in.


Modern technology has enabled studio monitor manufacturers to install unique features that enhance wireless connectivity, high sound quality transmission, and allow easy input system control. The Prosonic BT30 studio monitor with powered Bluetooth speakers is a gadget with these amazing features.

The Prosonic BT30 bookshelf speaker is a class D amplifier that comes with 60-watt audio output power, Bluetooth version 4.2, and 55Hz – 20KHz frequency response. This means you can pair any of your Bluetooth-enabled hand-held devices with the sound system hassle-free. In addition, the wireless connection allows you to stream your music wirelessly from Tidal, Spotify, or your music library. At the same time, its high-frequency response enhances radio waves detection allowing you to tune in to your favorite radio stations.

This studio monitor weighs 11.48 pounds and has a contemporary design with a plain and clean appearance that gives it an elegant look. The softly curved panel at the speaker’s front and its rounded corners lower sound reverberation inside the speaker cabinet, making sound waves smooth and stereo playback accurate. 

The BT30 bookshelf speaker has robust and strong bass reproduction enhanced by its 4-inch full-range driver and a straight-shaped bass reflex port. Its speakers are made of high-quality plastic front covers and MDF wood that allow them to blend with most home décor. 

The Prosonic speaker has analog, coaxial, and optical inputs that facilitate its connection to various devices like TV, DVDs, game consoles, and Blu-Ray players. It also has two RCA inputs to link turntables and other Hi-Fi connections to the studio monitor. Such features make it convenient for its users. 


  • Multiple audio input ports
  • Two-year warranty
  • Strong bass
  • Wireless input


  • Class D amplifiers tend to distort sounds


If you are looking for a high-quality studio monitor to add to your workstation, then either one of these five options should meet your needs. They are made of top-quality materials that minimize vibrations and reduce sound distortion. Moreover, they add rich clarity to your audio quality and greatly improve sound output. You will also love how they don’t consume a lot of power and relieve the need to use headphones. Happy producing!

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