Rockville APM8W Studio Monitor Speakers Review

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Are you tired of the old, squeaking sound coming from your laptop’s inbuilt speakers, or are you looking for the ideal way to upgrade your machine? Look no further because we have the solution for you: monitor speakers.

If you’re a music enthusiast, a monitor speaker is a must-have computer accessory. The speaker can produce flat frequencies and accurate sounds. Moreover, these speakers are easy to connect and are compatible with most devices.

Additionally, you will love their compact size. These speakers can also filter out audio impurities and mix accurate sounds. Today we have the perfect monitor speaker to enhance your listening experience, the Rockville APM8W.

Rockville APM8W Studio Monitor Speakers

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The Rockville Studio monitor speakers are powerful accessories that produce unmatchable sound and make any studio look beautiful. In addition, these speakers are made of wood to ensure they produce the best sound quality.

Apart from the fantastic sound quality, they are compatible with almost all computers and woofers. These speakers are hubs of impressive features designed to transform and upgrade your audio. Getting the right speaker is tricky, and this review highlights why this is your ideal product.

Who Is This Product For?

Rockville studio speakers are perfect for anyone who wants to improve the sound quality in their studio. The speakers are louder and clearer, making them great for streaming music and movies, movie productions, and many other audio purposes. Furthermore, they eliminate distortion sounds that most in-built desktop speakers produce when playing audio at a high volume.

If you’re also looking for a stylish product that will make your deck look amazing, this is the product for you. These speakers are compatible with most computers, laptops, and woofers, making them the perfect gift.

What’s Included?

The complete package includes one pair of the Rockville APM8W studio monitor speakers and one pair of the Rockville high-density foam isolation pads with single adjustments.

Overview of Features

The product comes in pairs and the monitors are bi-amped, meaning they have separate amps for the highs and lows. Each speaker has 250 watts of power output and 125 watts of RMS, totaling 500 watts for both. The Rockville monitor speakers have a beautiful matte finish with some shine. This color makes the pieces look beautiful to enhance your studio’s appearance. The speakers are enclosed with high-quality 0.5 thick MDF wood to provide the ultimate sound quality.

These monitors use a complete range of class D amplifier circuitry with an auto-switching power supply to produce efficient, loud, and clear audio sounds. In addition, they feature an ADAU 1701 audio processing and a TPA3116 for audio amplification. These components have the best circuit designs and allow users to adjust sound output through soft programming.

Moreover, the features keep improving; for instance, the featured isolation pads that decouple the monitors from the desktop, promoting accurate sound production. These pads also have a two-part angled design to provide various tilt options.

The speakers use enhanced Ferro Fluid silk dome tweeters for the highs with metal grill protection. In addition, the tweeters have a strong neo magnet that can easily withstand high heat. This makes it possible for the monitors to amplify their power without you worrying about the components melting or becoming damaged.

If you’re concerned about the bass sound, these monitors produce very clear and punchy sounds thanks to the molded polypropylene cone. This material is strong, increases sound quality, and eliminates unwanted sound distortions.

There are many other unique features of these speakers, such as the engineered rear-firing port that reduces turbulence and delivers distortion-free sounds. Furthermore, a thick wadding protects the components inside the speaker cabinet. Each speaker underwent a computer-generated sound check test during production to ensure it met the specifications and standards.

How to Use It

Connecting and assembling your studio monitor speaker to your computer or woofer is effortless. First, you’ll have to connect the standard 1/4” and XLR combo input jack and RCA input to their respective ports. There is also a 3.5mm headphone output to connect your headphones for a more personal listening experience. The good news is that there is also a USB port to easily connect the speakers to the computer without using an interface.

You’ll also love how easy it is to operate each monitor speaker. The volume, bass, and treble controls are on the rear side. As a result, it is possible to adjust the high and low frequencies of the speakers independently.


  • Two-way active monitor speaker system
  • LED power indicators on the rear panel
  • The curved front bezel design
  • Computer-optimized electronic crossover network


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity technology


Peachtree Audio M24 Powered Speakers

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The Peachtree-powered speakers are a convenient and cost-effective alternative for the amazing Rockville monitors. These units are easy to connect and you’ll love their unique and stylish appearance. Furthermore, these alternative options are 4-inch fiberglass woofers with 1-inch soft-dome tweeters, each producing 50 watts of built-in power.

Unlike the Rockville monitors, they have enhanced features such as wireless Bluetooth streaming, subwoofer output for additional bass, and a USB charging port for your phone. In addition, the control panel gives you maximum control over the sound output and the LED light indicators are unique.

The Peachtree speakers provide all the input options you need; they support USB and optical digital inputs and switchable RCA analog inputs. In addition, the package includes removable speaker grills for a better experience.

You’ll love all aspects of these cool class D speakers. They feature a real wood covering with tier 1 connectivity. The result is a great-sounding speaker set that produces loud and clear sounds to satisfy your audio needs.


The Rockville monitor speakers set is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to upgrade their sound output quality. These powerful speakers have fantastic features that produce clear audio and reduce distortion. Furthermore, they are easy to use and connect to your computer or audio panel.

This set can transform your listening experience and you’ll adore the matte finish that gives the monitors a stylish and long-lasting look. So, get yourself the Rockville APM8W studio monitor speakers today!

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